Want to be a social media star? Then you need a content channel strategy!!

So, you want your posts to go viral on social media? You want to be part of conversations on Twitter and Facebook?

Well, what’s your game plan?

Even before you put pen to paper, you need to have a clear idea about why you are doing what you are doing. Once you have these two basics in place, it’s easy to answer the question: how are we going to do it

In  a 2015 article in FortuneRyan Holmes says, ” Around 2 billion people — more than a quarter of the planet — are now on social media. Investing in a social strategy now is the single best way to future-proof your business for the years ahead. Technological change is always jarring. But wishing it away — or ignoring it altogether — inevitably backfires.”

Content can take many forms like landing pages, websites, blogs, video, articles, email and so on, but without a clear sense of direction and intent, they can all become a tangled mess.

Here are four ways you can have your own content channel strategy:

1.    Have a narrative in place: Your brand should have its own unique story, and the content should always support that message.

2.    Appoint a community manager: This person is responsible for creating content and analyzing data and supporting customers. Community managers should be able to handle different social media channels and create content accordingly.

3.    Have a moderation-escalation policy in place: Community managers must be able to solve a customer’s issue quickly. If not, then he should escalate the problem to customer support.

4.    Build a measurement framework: This includes tracking the performance of content and the health of the channel for reach, growth, and engagement. Also, brands need to understand the psychographics and demographics of the target audience.


What steps do you take to make your content go viral? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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